• Short Sword: A small, reasonably priced sword. Handles well, but not especially powerful.
    • Strength +5
  • Long Sword: A long sword with a steel blade. Recommended for serious combat.
    • Strength +10
  • Talwar: A sword from the far east. Its exquisite curved blade is extremely sharp.
    • Strength +20
  • Hyper Cutter: A sword forged from a unique alloy. Its blue blade has a keen cutting edge.
    • Strength +40
  • Battle Sword: A golden sword, imbued with divine fire. It shimmers with destructive heat.
    • Strength +60
  • Cleria Sword: The strongest sword of all. Its blade glows, suffused with the magic of Cleria.
    • Strength +83


  • Chain Mail: Finely woven chain mail. Deflects sword strikes, but is weak to heavy blows.
    • Defense +4
  • Breast Plate: A breastplate crafted from steel, offering good defense and maneuverability.
    • Defense +9
  • Plate Mail: Armor of hammered steel. Heavy, but fully covers the body, offering high defense.
    • Defense +15
  • Reflex: Armor made from a unique metal. Its reflective resin deflects most attacks.
    • Defense +22
  • Battle Armor: Golden armor, boasting superb defense. Weaker blows can't even scratch it.
    • Defense +32
  • Cleria Armor: Cleria armor, stronger than any other. Worn by he who is chosen by the Goddesses.
    • Defense +45


  • Wooden Shield: A hard wooden shield with metal fittings. Not bad, but also not particularly good.
    • Defense +3
  • Small Shield: A small metal shield. Strong and handles well, but only of real use to beginners.
    • Defense +7
  • Large Shield: A large shield that covers half the body. Difficult to handle, but defends well.
    • Defense +12
  • Iron Shield: A shield made of the finest iron. Very sturdy, offering excellent defense.
    • Defense +18
  • Battle Shield: A golden shield of immense strength. Offers protection against any physical attack.
    • Defense +26
  • Cleria Shield: A shield of Cleria. Offers top-rate defense, along with the Goddesses' blessings.
    • Defense +38


  • Fire Magic: Magic of Tovah, priest of Strength. Transforms willpower into fire.
    • Shoots fireballs.
  • Light Magic: Magic of Dabbie, priest of Light. Illuminates all that is hidden.
    • Light the darkness and reveal secret exits.
  • Return Magic: Magic of Hadal, priest of Earth. Transports the user to select towns or villages.
    • Teleport to any friendly location.
  • Alter Magic: Magic of Gemma, priest of Knowledge. Makes Adol become a Roo, letting him talk to demons.
    • Transform into a Roo.
  • Time Magic: Magic of Mesa, priest of Time. Freezes the flow of time itself.
    • Stop enemies in their tracks.
  • Shield Magic: Magic of Fact, priest of Spirit. Creates a barrier that none can penetrate.
    • Erect a force field for added protection.


  • Spirit Cape: A feather cloak worn by spirits of legend. Brings healing power to its wearer.
    • Recovers HP in dungeons when standing still.
  • Hawk Idol: A hawk idol with piercing blue eyes. Focuses the power of fire on its target.
    • Adds "Homing" ability to Fire magic.
  • Falcon Idol: A falcon idol with piercing red eyes. Focuses fire magic with greater accuracy.
    • Adds "Multi-Homing" ability to Fire magic.
  • Cleria Ring: A shiny ring made of Cleria, imbued with the power of the Goddesses' protection.
    • Parries an enemy's attack every once in a while.
  • Ring of Ease: Has a soft green hue. When worn, it calms the soul and soothes away one's troubles.
    • Halve consumption of magic power.
  • Goddess Ring: A ring worn by a Goddess. Imbued with the power to purify evil.
    • Invokes the Goddesses to weaken Darm.
    • Strength +2, Defense +2


There are a lot of items you can get throughout the game. This list has a brief description of the use of each one.

  • Volume Hadal: One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Hadal, the Priest of Earth.
  • Volume Tovah: One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Tovah, the Priest of Strength.
  • Volume Dabbie: One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Dabbie, the Priest of Light.
  • Volume Mesa: One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Mesa, the Priest of Time.
  • Volume Gemma: One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Gemma, the Priest of Knowledge.
  • Volume Fact: One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Fact, the Priest of Spirit.
  • Ancient Tablet: A stone tablet describing the Book of Ys and the Sanctuary of Toal.
  • Rod of Divinity: A cane made from fine, old wood. In Ys, it served as proof of a great leader.
  • Iron Ore: A mineral with a dull sheen. Worthless now, but can be refined to top-tier steel.
  • Blizzard Bulb: Frozen ice crystals. If used in a moist atmosphere, the water will solidify.
  • Shrine Key: A key of dull brass. It'll open most of the doors in the Shrine.
  • Floodgate Key: A rusted iron key. Opens the Water Control Room beneath the Shrine.
  • Whisper Earrings: Magic earrings with the power to amplify even the faintest of sounds.
  • Lila Shell: A mysterious shell given to Adol by Hadat. Allows for long-distance communication.
  • Pass: A pass to the north part of the Shrine. If shown to the guard, he'll open the gate.
  • Silver Pendant: Blue-jeweled necklace. Used at the Goddess statue to reach the Central Shrine.
  • Gold Pendant: Red-jeweled necklace. Used at the Goddesses' statues to enter the Shrine's Core.
  • Silver Harmonica: Reah's harmonica. Its clear timbre has the power to dispel evil.
  • Evil Bell: An ominous looking bell shaped like a skull. Its evil sound summons demons.
  • Scroll of Guidance: When read before the Goddesses' statues, their guidance will be granted.
  • Anti-Illusion Mirror: A beautifully-decorated mirror with the power to dissolve foul illusions.
  • Black Pearl:A jet black gemstone of profound magic, housing an unnatural flame at its core.
  • Sacred Cup: A sacred vessel that purifies water, giving it the ability to dispel evil.
  • Dreaming Idol: A bust in the form of a holy woman from ancient times. Provides healing.
  • Mattock: An old mattock. Can break through fragile walls and clear away rubble.
  • Banoa's Letter: A letter to Dr. Flair, from Banoa of Lance Village.
  • Lilia's Medicine: A cure for Lilia's sickness, made from Celceta Flower and Roda Fruit.
  • Stone Shoes: Shoes made with stone soles. Grants their wearer perfect stability on icy slopes.
  • Roda Leaf: A blessed leaf from the Roda Tree. Has the ability to filter out poisonous gas.
  • Elixir: A mysterious potion which can miraculously revive the dead. Only one vial exists.
  • Wing: A mysterious, magical wing. Allows its user to return to previously-visited locales.
  • Herb: A medicine found all over Ys. Has the power to heal minor wounds.
  • Apple: A succulent red apple. Satisfies hunger and restores health.
  • Roda Fruit: A blessed fruit from the Roda Tree. One bite will restore all MP.
  • Marle Flower: Pink, wild and grows almost anywhere. Its scent soothes a troubled mind.
  • Celceta Flower: Has translucent blue petals and blooms in areas with no sunlight. Revitalizing.
  • Cruberry: A red berry, as shiny as a jewel. Its bitter flavor and fresh scent cure fatigue.
  • Smoked Meat: Smoked meat of the finest quality. Its delicious flavor restores strength.
  • Raw Meat: Tasty lean meat. If roasted with salt and eaten, it can do a body good!
  • Meat Pie: Baked to a light brown color. A bite of this will restore strength instantly.
  • Cruberry Pie: A pie made from fresh cruberries. A delicacy with a sweet, yet tart flavor.
  • Bestiary Potion: A vial with a murky blue liquid. Gives insight on defeated enemies.

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