• Short Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Talwar


  • Chain Mail
  • Plate Mail


  • Small Shield
  • Medium Shield


  • Healing Potion: Restores all your health.
  • Wing: Teleport back to Minea.
  • Mirror: Stops enemies from moving for a short time.
  • Mask of Eyes: Wearing this makes everything look gray. Secrets become visible and enemies become invisible.


  • Power Ring: Doubles the damage you do to enemies.
  • Healing Ring: Allows you to regenerate health in areas where you normally can't.
  • Ring Mail: Halves the damage you recieve from enemies.
  • Timer Ring: Enemies move at half speed.


There are a lot of items you can get throughout the game. This list has a brief description of the use of each item.

  • Gold Pedestal: Found near a lake in the field, this can be sold for 2000 Gold.
  • Sapphire Ring: Buy one in the market in Minea and return it to the person who lost it.
  • Cystal: Is given to you by the seer in Minea after you have fully equipped yourself.
  • Temple Key: Jebba in Zepik will give it to you if you have the crystal.
  • Ruby: Found in a chest in the Palace on the west side of floor 1. Sell it for money.
  • Necklace
  • Key to Prison
  • Key to Chest
  • Silver Bell

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