Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana



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Seismic Tsunami

Sahad (サハド) is a fisherman from the Greek area who was a passenger on-board the Lombardia along with Adol before being washed ashore. He is a lighthearted and sincere man who joins Adol and company on their journey in hopes of returning back home to his family.

Because of his uniqueness, Laxia often have irritations on his actions especially with his uncalled farts and prank.

Sahad is the second playable character that Adol and Laxia met. He returned home and reunited with his child and wife after their departure from the Isle of Seiren only known as the big fisherman who helped the drifters.

Gameplay Edit

Sahad uses an anchor in battle that has high attack power and can cover a wide area. He specializes in dealing high amounts of damage in short bursts, destroying armored foes quickly and allowing his comrades to finish them off with little resistance. His weakness is that his attack and recovery speed is slower than normal, which can make him vulnerable to counter attack if timed poorly.