Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana


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Sylpheed Kiss

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Wild Scramble



Ricotta is a playable character and main cast of YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana . She is a young girl who's been living on Siren Island long before Adol and the others arrived. An innocent girl and is always on top of her game and knows a lot of the island’s geography. With all kinds of books that have washed up on the island, she’s learned all kinds of information and languages, but the content from these material are biased, so she’ll occasionally use strange choice of words.

Her foster father, Thanatos, is an explorer who drifter onto the island of Seiren long before Adol and others. They both live in the Gendarme Mountain located past the Great Valley which is the first location and evidence of Ancient Being's existent.

Ricotta joined the Castaway Village after Adol promised her to help search for her foster father, Thanatos.

Character Description Edit

Appearance & Personality Edit

Ricotta is a petite girl with brown colored skin, and golden eyes. She wears a custom green denim dress and shoes she made by reading various dressmaking books. She dresses her green hair with pig tails. She can be seen fighting monsters with twin spike mace.

She excites a lively atmosphere in Adol's group as their "little sister" and likes the grumpy jokes of Sahad. She can be seen as a good tea maker in her age because of her father's influence in it.

Ricotta features the typical energetic girl in her age and was affected the most with Dana's disappearance.

Character Plot Edit

End plot Edit

Ricotta, together with the other castaways, managed to escape Seiren Island with the boat they all built for their voyage. She can be later seen exploring the Afroca Continent with Thanatos, but they soon disappear sometime during their adventure, or else have been continuing to explore in another location while learning of other cultures.