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The Eldeen
The Goddess of Ys

Voice Actor (JP)

Chieko Honda (OVA Ys, OVA Ys II: Tenkū no Shinden)
Mayumi Shō (PC Engine Ys I・II, Sega Saturn Falcom Classics, Falcom Classics II)
Junko Hagimori (PC Engine Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys)
Akiko Nakagawa (CD Drama Ys 1: Megami no Kioku)
Akemi Okamura (PlayStation 2 Ys I・II: Eternal Story)
Kana Ueda (CD Drama Ys 1: Ushinawareshi Kodai Oukoku, CD Drama Ys II: Tenkū no Shitsu Rakuen)

Voice Actor (EN)

Midge Mayes (OVA Ys, OVA Ys II: Tenkū no Shinden)
Louise Vallance (TurboGrafX-16 Ys Book I & II)

Reah (レア) is a mysterious blue-haired poet in Minea who asks Adol to find her lost harmonica in Ys I.


Just like Feena, she later reveals herself to be one of the twin goddesses who governed over the mythic kingdom of Ys. She also plays a prominent role in the prequel Ys Origin.

After the fall of the Eldeen civilization, she and her twin sister Feena came to Esteria with the black pearl  With the help of the six families who were well-versed in magic, they built the kingdom of Ys. The kingdom prospered under their guidance until the series of disasters befell Ys, causing the portion of the kingdom to float. In order to put an end to the disaster, the twin goddesses sealed the black pearl with their wings and fell into a seemingly-eternal sleep until the seal gets broken 700 years later..

In GamesEdit

Ys OriginEdit

Ys I: Ancient Ys VanishedEdit

Adol first meets Reah upon his arrival at Minea. She tells Adol that she lost her silver harmonica and asks him to find it. Later on, the harmonica is found in the Abandoned Mine. Once he returns the harmonica to her, she plays her harmonica and tells Adol about the mythical kingdom of Ys.

In Darm tower, Adol meets her again at the Rado's Annex where she is held captive. Here, Reah reveals to Adol that the man responsible for her kidnapping and monsters' appearance in Esteria is none other than Dark Fact. She also tells that Dark Fact's cloak is made of the special metal called Cleria so unless Adol uses the equipment made of Cleria, Adol would have no chance of defeating Dark Fact. She gives him a monocle, which allows Adol to read the books of Ys. Lastly, she comments that although Darm tower is a scary place, she can't help but feel nostalgic for some reason...

Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final ChapterEdit

In Ys II, Reah appears only at the end of Ys II. It is revealed that she is one of the twin goddesses of Ys along with her sister Feena. Right before the final battle against Darm, she and her sister Feena infuse Adol's cleria sword with the power of the ancient kingdom of Ys. After Adol's victory over Darm, Feena and Reah seal themselves along with the black pearl so the black pearl may not be used for evil ever again.


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  • One can distinguish Reah from her twin sister as Reah's hair's completely covers her forehead.
  • Her silver harmonica is a gift from her lover Toal Fact 700 years before the events of Ys I.