Rada-Manj the Earth Dragon (地竜 « ラダ=マンジュ »), also known as the Dragon of Harvest, is one of the Five Dragons of Altago. He is revered by the people of Shannoa, one of the Five Tribes of Altago. His role is to protect all life sprouting from the land.

Rada-Manj is located in the Earth Sanctum located behind the earth altar inside the Ancient Tree. Adol first spoke to the Dragon on his first visit to the altar. As Rada-Manj was the first dragon Adol saw, the dragon had to test whether the Dragon Warrior was worthy to inherit Rada-Manj's power. Upon defeat, Rada-Manj would grant Elk his Extra Skill as well as condense into the Earth Dragon Stone.

With the defeat of the Root of All Existence, Rada-Manj evaporated away along with the five dragons.

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