Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana



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Sylpheed Kiss

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Noble Barrage

Laxia von Roswell (ラクシャ・フォン・ロズウェル) is a playable character and main cast of YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. She is a daughter of the noble Roswell family of Garman.

She was the first survivor that Adol found beside the Castaway Village and has the extensive knowledge about Ancient Species.

Character Description Edit

Appearance & Personality Edit

Laxia is slender woman with pinkish white skin and sports a medieval clothings of the Garman Region. Although contradicting to her dress she wears at the feast in Lombardia, it could somewhat be a torn down version of it to roam the land of Seiren Isle. Her orange hair is in a Chic Topknot Hairstyle with its surrounding layers braided and tied on a blue ribbon.

A refined and well-mannered personality suiting her status as a noble. But with her status she often struggles to adapt to the ways of Castaway Village and its vastly different cultures and people, but nonetheless strives to help Adol using the knowledge she acquired under her father's tutelage.

She is sometimes irritated with Sahad's behavior however she grew weary of her attitudes after she confessed her problems with Adol. Laxia has a bit of embarassment when she talks with Adol while the latter teases her as if she periodically comes close to confessing her feelings for him.

Gameplay Edit

Laxia uses a rapier in battle and attacks with a swift set of piercing strikes. She also has several skills that are excellent in dealing with targets at range. As such, she excels at dispatching flying type enemies and enemies that are directly in front of her, but may find herself overwhelmed when going up against foes at multiple angles.

End Plot Edit

On the ending scenes, Laxia reunited with her father at the Gllia Academy where she is studying abroad. She's smoothly restoring her family's status of nobility and been authorized to research the Ancient Species. And at the end of credits, she and her father stands on a well preserved fossil of a winged ancient species. The place they were was not mentioned, but it is likely that they are in fact on the Isle of Seiren.