Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana



Attack Attribute


Exclusive Skill

Sylpheed Kiss

Extra Skill


Laxia von Roswell (ラクシャ・フォン・ロズウェル) is the daughter of the noble von Roswell family of Garman. She has a refined and well-mannered personality that is suited to her status as a noble. However, given said status she often struggles to adapt to the ways of Drifting Village and its vastly different cultures and people, but nonetheless strives to help Adol and the others using the knowledge she acquired under her father's tutelage.

Gameplay Edit

Laxia uses a rapier in battle and attacks with a swift set of piercing strikes. She also has several skills that are excellent in dealing with targets at range. As such, she excels at dispatching flying type enemies and enemies that are directly in front of her, but may find herself overwhelmed when going up against foes at multiple angles.

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