Iska is one of the Five Tribes of Altago who worships the Moon Dragon Ze-Kalios. The people of the tribe are referred to as Iskans. The tribe originally lives in the current day Altago City before they were drove off by the Edonians which saught living space to expand. The remaining Iskans eventually settled in a pocket of space between the world of the living and the world of the dead on top of the Altago Plains.

This Iska Village is timeless where nothing, except the people, changes. This rag-taged group is led by the acting Elder of Iska Ciarius as the real Eldress's whereabouts were unknown to the people. Eventually it was revealed that Tia whose full name is Tialuna Rem Iskalia is the actual Eldress of Iska. After her passing, it is believed Ciarius will take on that vacant role to preserve the custom of this tribe.

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